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Ghana Water Well Project

September 25, 2017

We are proud to announce that Riley & Rees has funded a well project that will supply water to approximately 2500 people per day. Installation of the well for water in the village is under way! As a result of this donation, one of the most important fundamental needs of the village is going to be met.

From the age of 5, a child is trained to walk an average of 9 miles to get a bucket of water or to walk 9-20 miles to get food from the farm. This leaves very little, if any, time to learn or devote to education. By installing a well in the village, another gift is given - the gift of time. Children of the village will have time to learn. The need for supplies will be greater than ever. As well, funds to ensure proper maintenance of the well will be needed.

2017 National Veterans Wheelchair Games in Cincinnati

July 17, 2017

Riley & Rees took the morning off work to give back to the community and support our veterans by volunteering at the 2017 National Veterans Wheelchair Games hosted in Cincinnati. It was a positive and motivating experience for all.

Ohio Cleats for Kids

September 05, 2017

Riley & Rees offered a monetary donation this year to Ohio Cleats for Kids. See the link below to learn more about the organization.

30th Annual Montgomery Photography Competition

April 09, 2017

Twenty local amateur photographers were recognized for artistic excellence at EXPOSURE: Montgomery, the City’s 30th annual photography competition on Sunday, April 9. The competition was judged by Liz Dufour, a photo editor and photographer for the Cincinnati Enquirer; Emily Baumann, Curatorial Assistant at the Cincinnati Art Museum; and David Rosenthal, founder and Executive Director of Prairie, Inc., a Cincinnati-based arts organization which has been producing community art programs since 2009.

This year's competition was sponsored by Riley and Rees, Inc.

Giving to those who give

December 24, 2016

Riley & Rees sponsored a military family in need for Christmas, providing them with gift cards to purchase gifts for their children, food and other necessities. 

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